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Drinkwel’s Holiday Boozy Gift Guide

Hangover Tea

Admari’s KickAssam Tea

Secretly one of the best natural ways to recover the morning after a few too many. From their site: “KickAssam was crafted for your active lifestyle, with focus-enhancing and energy-boosting all natural ingredients.”
$11.99 – View Item

The Tipsy Vegan

The Tipsy Vegan

Don’t need to be a vegan to love turning food into alcoholic food. Great recipes. Great pictures. A lot of healthier options, too.
$11.44 – View Item

The Hungover Cookbook

The Hungover Cookbook

Better for hilarious hungover reading rather than actual recipe making. “Everything you need to know to assess, understand, and improve a hangover is here: dozens of comforting recipes, very clever graphic tests for analyzing your state of mind, and quizzes for tracking your progress.”
$8.00 – View Item

Just Chill Relaxing Drink

Just Chill

A nice alternative to energy drinks. Pairs with alcohol, too!
Recipe: Add 4 slices of cucumber and 5 mint leaves in a glass with ice. Combine 1.25 oz vodka and 5 splashes of Just Chill in a cocktail shaker. Shake very well. Poor into glass and garnish with a cucumber, if so desired.
$8.00 – View Item

Just for Fun:


Frozen Teeth Ice Cube Trays

Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray

Ice cubes that look like a pair of dentures. You’re welcome.

$10.57 – View Item

Huge Giant Beer Pong

Bear Pong

Like beer pong, but WAY bigger. I actually have a set and love using it at the beach.

$64.95 – View Item

Flamingo Beer Bong


An on-the-go beer bong made out of a flamingo. Grandma would be proud.
$19.87 – View Item

Beer Belly Flask

The Beer Belly

Ever wanted your very own beer belly that you could actually drink out of?

$29.99 – View Item

Flask Binoculars

Binocular Flask

A flask that looks like Binoculars.

$11.99 – View Item

Biased Recommendations:

Drinking Kit

Life of the Party Kit

The newest addition to the drinkwel family. Perfect for holiday festivals, secret santa gifts, bachelor / bachelorette parties or other special occasions.

$14.95 – View Item

Vitamin for Alcohol Drinking

Drinkwel 90-Capsule Bottle

The item that started it all for us.
$39.95 – View Item


In full disclosure, we have received free samples of some of the above gift items; however, we wouldn’t post anything we didn’t actually think was awesome. We’re also extremely biased in regards to drinkwel! And, of course, I should remind everyone that our blog entries are for your information only and are not intended as medical advice. Because everyone is different, you should work with your medical professional to determine what’s best for you. If you’re going to drink, do it legally and responsibly; don’t be stupid.

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