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Beer and Pizza: An American Tradition (Pairing Beer and Pizza)

What’s better than spending a Friday night at the end of a long work week with close friends, a large pizza and great beer? While beer and pizza is a match made in foodie heaven, there is actual science behind why they taste so great together.

At first thought, you might consider wine a better match for your favorite pizza because wine and cheese are such a classic pairing. However, the carbonation in beer creates a lighter acidity that lifts the fats out of the cheese. With the acidity and bitterness of the beer cutting through the layers of cheese, you can enjoy the delicious combination again and again while also cleansing your palate in between each greasy bite. Another reason beer and pizza are meant to be is that the yeast in beer paired with the yeast in your pizza dough are mirror images, making the flavors meld together seamlessly.

With the expansion of local, craft breweries and flavors of beer, there is a perfect beer partner for every flavor of pizza, from traditional pepperoni to white pizza, meat lovers and more. Beer stands up to the acidic tang of tomatoes while neutralizing the saltiness of many cheeses so you can taste the other unique flavors in your pizza, like the ham and pineapple on a traditional Hawaiian or the tangy sauce on a BBQ chicken pizza. If your preference is a more custom, trendy pizza, the herbal notes in many hops like pine and spruce may bring out similar notes of the herbs used in a pizza, like basil and oregano.

Why do pizza a beer taste so good together?

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