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How Do You Like Them Apples? Cider: A Great Gluten Free Alternative

Celiac disease, an allergy to gluten, was once dismissed by medical professionals but is now recognized as a legitimate disease. Gluten allergies and intolerances have taken center stage in recent years, and the awareness has led to a significant increase in gluten-free products filling store shelves. Many people have even opted to eat a gluten-free diet as a weight loss plan, as cutting gluten from your diet means cutting a lot of carbs and fattening foods. Along with dropping a few pounds, advantages of eating gluten-free include clearer skin and decreased inflammation.

So where does that leave you in terms of enjoying a refreshing drink? Beer is made from barley/wheat, but there are many delicious drinks you can enjoy while still skipping the stomachache! Apple ales and ciders are great alternatives to beer. Not only is there a large variety of flavors and brands, but ciders have a variety of health benefits that may outweigh beer. Many ciders have high levels of antioxidants (on par with red wine) and Vitamin C. These antioxidants protect the heart and reduce the risks of diabetes, asthma and heart disease. When drinking cider, keep in mind that it does contain more sugar than beer and very few brands come in “lite” varieties.

Ciders are nothing to shake your head at. While they used to be thought of as a lightweight drink, an explosion of delicious hard ciders has flooded the market with these delicious beer alternatives. So, how do you like them apples?

Cider as a Gluten Free Alternative

Legal Stuff: We should remind everyone that our blog entries are for your information only and are not intended as medical advice. If you’re going to drink, do it legally and responsibly; don’t be stupid =).

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