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Ice Ice Baby: Whether or Not to Add Ice to That Drink

Whether you’re mixing Jack and Coke at the end of a long work week or mixing up your favorite cocktail for guests, the age-old questions is this: ice or no ice? Sometimes a perfectly balanced drink can come down to the ice. This is especially crucial when you’re paying for drinks at the bar. While you don’t want to pay $10 for a drink that’s half melted ice, you also don’t want to pay for a warm, unsatisfying cocktail. Check out these FAQs on using ice in your beverages.

Q. Do water impurities lead to cloudy ice, and thus, murky drinks?

A. While impurities in water do lead to cloudy ice, there are ways to avoid ditching ice all together. Instead of using water out of your tap, freeze purified or boiled water for perfectly clear cubes that won’t ruin your drinks. Another great trick of the drink-mixing trade: try freezing salt water cubes for drinks that benefit from a salted rim or citrusy garnish. This will give your cocktail a pop that will make you the hit of any party!

Q. Are there drinks that you should never add ice to?

A. While some connoisseurs maintain that you should never add ice to scotch, the drink actually benefits from a little bit of water. Be sure not to add too much, which will dilute the taste. The same goes for wine. If you need to chill it in a hurry, add a very small amount of ice as to not water it down. If you have a stigma against wine and ice, consider investing in wine pearls, which can be frozen and added to a glass of wine to change the temperature, washed and used again and again.

Adding Ice to Alcohol

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