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Pairing Beer and Chocolate

You know about wine and chocolate, the most intimate drink and food pairing in the history of the world, but with the Cambrian explosion of craft beer, there’s a new chocolate suitor in town. Beer fits well with chocolate because the compliment of carbonation to the richness and depth of cacao flavors leaves you with a satisfying finish to a sweet beginning. Chocolate is romantic, sweet, and uplifting. Beer is jolly, warm, and relaxing. Sounds like an excellent combination of positivity to us.

Modern day craft beer is becoming a delicacy with a diverse enough range to evolve far beyond its traditional place as a sidekick to pizza, burgers and steaks. High quality brewers are experimenting and creating beers with new, robust flavors that match surprisingly well with certain deserts.

Chocolate and beer share one important quality; they are both incredibly diverse when it comes to flavor profile. This gives wiggle room when it comes to experimentation. If you’re new to bringing together this wonderful duo try some of the below tips.

  • Start with stouts and porters, the beers seemingly designed in chocolate’s image. The thick, full-bodied flavors will compliment dark and milk chocolate alike.
  • A staple for beer and chocolate experts is a sweet Lambic like Lindeman’s Frambroise. The sweetness of chocolate will drown out the sweetness of the beer leaving you with a pleasant taste of acidity.
  • A diamond in the rough pairing is a Belgian dubel or trippel combined with dark chocolate. This sweet and complex beers will liven the bitter, cacao filled treat.
  • For the spice lovers, try a spicy chocolate paired with a heavy IPA. Strong hops will pull the heat from the chocolate leaving you with that masochistic burn you crave alongside the bitter carbonation of the IPA.

The most enjoyable part in pairing beer with food is experimentation. There are so many types of beer and chocolate out there that the possibilities are endless and some of the most contradictory flavors may end up being the best compliments. Let us know which pairing you enjoy most!

Pairing Beer With Chocolate

Legal Stuff: We should remind everyone that our blog entries are for your information only and are not intended as medical advice. If you’re going to drink, do it legally and responsibly; don’t be stupid =).

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