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3 Reasons to Complete a Summer Cleanse

While a smooth shot, a glass of bubbly wine or a refreshingly cold beer can turn a long, bad day into a fun, relaxing evening, we cannot ignore the fact that alcohol (especially in excess) is hard on the body. Without even addressing the effects of chronic binge drinking, even one night of heavy drinking or casual drinking over time can lead to weight gain, blackouts, memory loss, high blood pressure and mental health issues.

While we are not trying to discourage you from enjoying your favorite beverages, we do want to talk about a simple summer cleanse. Check out these three reasons why a month without booze can make your next drink even better!

1. The short-term effects of alcohol include dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, gastrointestinal distress, difficulty sleeping and hormone imbalances. A recess from your usual drinking routine can help clear up any issues you may be experiencing and purify your system to keep you happy and healthy.

2. Taking a recess from drinking will most likely lower your tolerance. While this may seem like a set-back to a college beer pong champion, this is actually a great way to ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle. This means when you return to drinking, you will most likely drink less than before.

3. Alcohol can have a damaging effect on your taste buds. It numbs the mouth’s tactile receptors, which can affect your ability to gauge bitterness. By taking a break from booze, you can reinvigorate your taste buds, which will make your next drink taste delicious!

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