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3 Tips for Safe Beach Drinking

Are you planning your annual week in the sun? You know what they say about a beach vacation: 1) Wear plenty of sunscreen, 2) Drink plenty of water and 3) Don’t drink in the sun. But what goes better with a hot day of sand and sun than a delicious, refreshing beer (or two or three)? We know you want to take full advantage of your time away from work, meetings and other obligations, so check out these tips for safe beach drinking and avoiding alcohol poisoning or dehydration.

1. Alternate with water. The best way to avoid dehydration is to alternate alcoholic drinks with water. You should always drink more water than normal when you’re spending time outdoors, but when you add alcohol to the mix, you need to increase your water intake even more.

2. Choose your drinks wisely. Choose beverages that contain a least a little bit of water. Take your liquor on the rocks instead of straight, indulge in a Bloody Mary for lunch (the tomato juice, celery stick garnish and ice can aid in hydration) or choose a beer that has a lower alcohol content.

3. Don’t skimp on snacks. Everyone takes a break from their normal eating routine on vacation, and snacking is encouraged for those who will be day drinking. Be sure to consistently eat throughout the day to absorb some of the alcohol you’re taking in and to make sure you’re never drinking on an empty stomach. While we tend to splurge on vacation, fresh fruits and vegetables have a high water content and are great for increasing energy.

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