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Booze, Politics and State Control

Most of the tippling public is given to understand that Prohibition ended amid many celebratory clinking glasses in December 1933, but the truth is that a subtler form of liquor control has persisted to this day. State-controlled liquor sales are nothing new to the industry, although many would likely be surprised to find what kind

Kombucha Comeback

And Reports of it Containing Too High of an Alcohol Content. Fans of kombucha, a popular fermented tea laden with stomach-friendly probiotics and other nutrients, will soon have one more choice to make before popping open the fizzy tea: kombucha regular or kombucha ID-required. GT’s, America’s most popular kombucha brewer, will soon be offering their

Alcohol and (Weird) State Law

Remember the good old days of Prohibition? Well, probably not, but it is a fine example of the fact that the laws regarding alcohol have a way of changing and evolving. And, depending on who you ask, sometimes those changes are for the better, and sometimes they are not. Of course, Prohibition was a federal