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Your Health After Alcohol Poisoning

You hear about it every once in a while — a college kid partied too hard during rush week or a holiday office party got out of hand — but alcohol poisoning is no laughing matter. A consequence of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time, alcohol poisoning affects your breathing,

Safety Tips for Drinking with Diabetes

Living with diabetes is often about knowledge and learning to indulge in moderation. According to the American Diabetes Association, research shows that there are actually some health benefits for diabetics who occasionally enjoy alcoholic beverages, such as a reduced risk for heart disease. As with anything, be sure to check with your doctor before partaking. If

Hot or Cold: When is the Safest Season to Drink?

We’ve all been there—a chilly Saturday in November, drinking to keep warm before the big football game. Or maybe it’s a sweltering hot evening in mid-July, and nothing sounds better than cooling off with a nice cold beer (or six). The truth is, while drinking in moderation is typically always okay, drinking in extreme temperatures