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Alcohol-free Drinks for the Temperance Movement Comeback

The Temperance Movement of the 19th and 20th centuries encouraged moderation or complete abstinence from consuming alcohol. Leaders blamed many of society’s problems on drinking, including health issues, poverty and crime. After a rich history of temperance, prohibition and socialization, alcohol has grown into a booming industry, particularly the current craft beer movement. However, recent

Alcohol Allergies

Alcohol Allergies 101

If you’ve ever experienced stomach cramps, difficulty breathing or faintness during or after drinking alcohol, there’s a chance you may have an alcohol allergy. True alcohol allergies are rare, as most people are actually allergic to one or more of the ingredients used to make alcoholic beverages (like beer and wine), such as barley, hops,

Aching head - Young man having a severe headache on waking up

How Alcohol Affects Your Zzzzs

According to a study by the University of Missouri School of Medicine, 20 percent of American adults use alcohol to help them sleep. While you may be no stranger to having a glass of wine before bed to unwind, alcohol has an impact on your sleep quality, duration and cycle. Research shows that alcohol disrupts the


The History of Green Beer (and Other St. Patrick’s Day Traditions)

St. Patrick’s Day began as a religious feast to celebrate the Irish patron Saint Patrick after his death on March 17, 491 AD. A celebration of Irish culture and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, March 17 is the one day during the Lenten season that the alcohol restrictions are lifted for fasting Christians, which is