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Drinkwel: Super Bowl XLVI Contest

The Super Bowl is this weekend, February 5th at 3pm PST. We’ve heard that sometimes people enjoy a drink or two (or seven) during this annual event. Well, all we know is that if there’s drinking, we want to be involved. Also, if there’s guacamole at your Super Bowl party, please send an invite to

Drinkwel’s Holiday Boozy Gift Guide

Admari’s KickAssam Tea Secretly one of the best natural ways to recover the morning after a few too many. From their site: “KickAssam was crafted for your active lifestyle, with focus-enhancing and energy-boosting all natural ingredients.” $11.99 – View Item The Tipsy Vegan Don’t need to be a vegan to love turning food into alcoholic

Apéritif vs. Digestif

Every once in a while the sensible drinker may be faced with a leather-bound cocktail list that likes to tart up its offerings with fancy names. Among the categories there may be found drinks described as apéritifs and digestifs. This should be no cause for worry. Simply put, these are French words used to describe