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Drinkwel: Super Bowl XLVII Contest

The Super Bowl is this weekend, February 3rd at 3:30pm PST. We’ve heard that sometimes people enjoy a drink or two (or seven) during this annual event. Well, all we know is that if there’s drinking, we want to be involved. Also, if there’s homemade guacamole at your Super Bowl party, please send us an

Alcohol: The Making Of

How Different Types of Alcohol Are Made To the drink-loving layperson, the making of alcohol may seem a bit like magic. A little of this, a little of that, ferment, ferment and voila! Booze. But, how does it really happen? Fermentation is the unifying theme among beer, wine and liquor, although what is being fermented

Craft Beer Health Benefits?

We know it’s more expensive and almost always tastes better than factory-made swill, but is craft beer actually healthier than the assembly line offerings of the big-box breweries? It depends on how you define “healthy.” Beer in any form is a drink made up of little more than calories. There are no vitamins or nutrients