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Craft Beer Health Benefits?

We know it’s more expensive and almost always tastes better than factory-made swill, but is craft beer actually healthier than the assembly line offerings of the big-box breweries? It depends on how you define “healthy.” Beer in any form is a drink made up of little more than calories. There are no vitamins or nutrients

Why Alcohol Impairs Driving Ability

Bad News Booze Cruise We all (should) know that drinking impairs our ability to drive, but the reasons why this occurs may be more of a mystery to some. Understanding the physiological effects of alcohol can help us better see how driving safely gets much more difficult under the influence. The Center for Disease Control

6 Tips for a Healthier Bachelor Party

There is no doubt that alcohol is an integral part of the traditional bachelor party. More beer, more strippers, more everything!, cries the proudly party-driven host. In fact, some organizers may feel a certain amount of social pressure to deliver the Craziest. Blowout. Ever. The secret that stubborn bachelor party aficionados will never admit is

Slurred Speech & Drinking

A Messy Mouthful Have you ever noticed that after a few drinks a person’s speaking may get a little … slushy? Consonants start bleeding into vowels, and the next thing you know they’re telling you, “Shumtimes when I have drinksh I jusht can’t feel my fashe.” Slurred speech, medically diagnosed as dysarthria, occurs when it