Soju Cocktail Recipes

Soju is Korean alcohol that is usually made from rice. You can either consume this soju by itself or combine it with other ingredients, drinks or syrups to create a cocktail.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your soju, you can go through the following soju cocktail recipes to get some ideas and try them out for yourself.

Yakult Soju

Yakult is a kind of probiotic milk or yogurt that includes sweet flavors. Adding Yakult or some other kind of sweetened milk can create a sweet soju cocktail while still retaining some of the bitterness of the soju itself.

You can also mix in some Sprite, cider or any other lemon-based soft drink to enhance the flavor and taste even more. Soda can also be a good alternative if you want to retain the original flavors a bit more.

For this, you should take equal parts of soju, Yakult and the carbonated drink of your choice and mix them well together in a shaker.

You can also vary the quantities based on your preference.

Peach Soju

Peach flavors can add some freshness to the soju and can give it a fruity taste. You can either use peach slices or peach juice depending on the availability and the amount of effort you want to put in.

You can also use Sprite or another drink along with some ice to create a cool enough cocktail. Take the soju, the peach slices or juice and other relevant ingredients and mix them well together in a shaker or mixer.

You can then pour the drink out into soju glasses. You can also add some small peach slices or chunks on top to add some texture.

Pineapple Soju

Pineapple soju involves a similar process as the peach soju. For this, you will need to buy the pineapple separately or in the form of a syrup or juice. The fruit will make it fresher but the juice will still have the desired taste.

Cut up the pineapple well and combine it with the desired amount of soju. Usually, equal parts can work but you can also use more soju or more pineapple.

Mix these well with ice and soda (if required) in a shaker or mixer and pour it out to serve.

You can drizzle some pineapple on top or insert a round pineapple slice on the glass for added impact.

Melona Soju

You can use Melona ice cream or popsicles to make your soju cocktail fresh, sweet and cold enough.

The process is fairly simple for this recipe, but you will need to buy Melona or other similar popsicles. Take these popsicles, place them into the blender or mixer, add the required amount of soju as well as other drinks and ice, if required.

Make sure you mix it well so that the cocktail develops a thick consistency. Depending on the number of people, you can increase or decrease the quantities as required.

Beer Soju

Beer soju is a unique combination for a cocktail that can considerably increase the alcohol content. However, it can be a refreshing and delicious combination that can serve your purpose well.

For this, you should ideally use larger amounts of beer and combine it with a bit of soju. You can choose to dilute it a bit with ice or soda if you require it.

Mix it all together in a shaker or mixer and pour the cocktail out into the required number of glasses.

Iced Tea Soju

Iced tea soju can be another great combination for a soju cocktail. For this, you can opt for an iced tea flavor of your choice. You can also make it on your own.

Once you have the iced tea, mix it in with a slightly higher quantity of soju (or less, depending on your preferences). You can also add some ice to cool it down even more.

Using a shaker should be enough for this cocktail as you only need to blend all the flavors together.

Mint Soju

If you enjoy the cool and sharp flavors of mint, then it can mix well with the flavors of soju. You can also turn this into a mojito if you want to enhance the flavors a bit more.

You can either use mint syrup and shake it in with the soju or you can use fresh mint leaves and crush them or leave them whole to retain the freshness. You can also add some lemon or lime along with a small amount of water.

Mix everything together and pour the cocktail out. You can also add some extra mint leaves and a lemon slice to add to the cocktail.

Honey Lemon Soju

Using the flavors of honey and lemon can offer a sweet and sour flavor to the soju. This combination tends to work well especially with the slightly bitter taste of soju that can balance everything out.

To make this cocktail, you will first need to combine a teaspoon of honey with some hot water. Make sure you cool it down sufficiently.

You can then use lemon syrup or squeeze fresh lemon. Combine this with the honey and water combination along with the desired soju quantity.

Blend or mix everything together and pour the drink out. You can cut a lemon slice for garnish.

Coffee Soju

Coffee soju can make an interesting cocktail choice. It can particularly work well for you if you enjoy Irish coffee. For this, prepare your choice of instant or brewed coffee. You can either keep it black or add some cream, milk or sugar to it for a sweeter flavor.

Mix in the soju and shake everything well until it is well blended.

Final Remarks

Those were some simple soju cocktail recipes that are easy to make. Based on your tastes and requirements, you can pick a recipe of your choice and try it out. You can also make multiple cocktails to meet different tastes.

You can also experiment with the quantities and flavors until you are happy with the final taste.