Can Bananas Help a Hangover

Can Bananas Help a Hangover?

When you drink too much, you can expect a nasty hangover torturing you to death the next morning. We’ve all been there at some point. But, discovering hangover cures almost makes the excessive, unhealthy drinking seem worth it. It’s not, but at least it looks like it. It’s pretty easy …

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Can Eating before Bed Help a Hangover

Can Eating Before Bed Help a Hangover?

When you are drinking alcohol with a group of friends, you don’t anticipate a hangover. It feels great at the moment and all you want to do is go with the flow and get that feeling of being tipsy and high. However, for most people, the good times make way …

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Do Electrolytes Help a Hangover

Do Electrolytes Help a Hangover?

A hangover is a bad place to be in. Though the drinking and partying may seem fun in the moment, excessive drinking leads to a hangover later with the effects of a headache and tiredness. What can be done about the hangover? Can anything make it better? And do electrolytes …

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