5 Bold Above-Ground Pool Bar Ideas

Above-ground pool bars are trendy, inexpensive, and excellent for entertaining. They add a distinct charm to the outdoor space, and because they are so multifaceted, they are a huge hit.

The idea of having a great time with friends and family while enjoying a few snacks and a couple of drinks is too good to pass. It just needs some planning and a good aesthetic sense to have one installed at your home.

Here are a few above-ground pool bar ideas.

Decked Out Bar Is Great for Entertaining

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A few changes to your neglected backyard can turn it into a cool space to hand out with friends. A shed bar has a unique masculine appeal to it and is an instant charmer, just like your neighborhood pub. Think of a large wooden door, a dedicated deck area, and well-carved stools to give it a unique texture.

Create Your Own Saltwater Oasis

Having a bar by the pool is an excellent idea. By having an expansive pool area complemented by a bar, you will be designing the ultimate luxury experience for yourself and your friends and family.

These are ideal for throwing a pool party. You can have a tropical sidebar built around the pool to avoid kids bumping into the bar.

Attractive Tile Tops Add Charm to an Above-Ground Pool Bar

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Instead of going with the regular wooden bar tops, choose pretty and vibrant tile tops. The colors are so lively that they can make any space come alive. You would be surprised to see how much money you will be saving on décor by simply having a bright tile top.

You can even add some lighting to make the area look lovely by both day and night.

A lounge space alongside will give the area a dream-like quality, perfect for spending a lazy evening on site.

A Swim-up Bar Looks Stunning

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Swim-up bars afford you the luxury to enjoy a drink or two from inside the pool. Yes, we are talking about those luxurious swim-up bars that you see in magazines and movies.

A swim-up bar is ideal if you are low on space. This type of bar is usually built in the shallow area of the pool. All you need to take care of is getting the seating and counter height right to give enough knee space to people.

Experiment with the Shape of Your above Ground Pool Bar

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You don’t have to go with the tried and tested shapes for your pool bar. Innovate and let your imagination go wild—it could be a sidebar, a round bar, or some totally unheard of shape which creates your own little oasis.

Looking for a cozy space to unwind and have some fun? These are a few ideas to spice up your above-ground pool.

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