5 Unique Bar Top Finishing Ideas

You don’t need to redesign your entire bar in order to elevate its design. Thoughtfully designing your bar top as the centerpiece can be a breathtaking but straightforward way of adding some decor.

We’ve put together five of the most unique bar top finishing ideas so that you can add that extra something to your design and take your bar to the next level!

River Table

This bar top finishing idea will instantly catch the eye of anyone who walks into your bar. This design uses LED lights to create the visual of a river which is perfectly contrasted by the dark finishing of the wood. This look is not just unique but will give your bar a sophisticated and modern look.

Rustic Copper

Bar Top Finishing Ideas 2
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This copper bar top finishing will give your bar a rustic and industrial feel with minimal renovations. Copper panels are pieced together to create this unique bar top design. The welded corners and riveted seams will ensure the bar top is sturdy and safe while adding interesting detail to an already special material.

Coin Collection

Switch up your dull and boring bar top by making it a coin exhibition! This bar top finishing idea has coins lined up under a glass top to create an attractive and retro visual appeal. You can use any kind of coins for this, but if you have a collection of old coins, that would be even better!

Beer Cap Table

What better way to show your enthusiasm for beer than to make it into this unique decor piece on your bar top? This bar top finishing idea uses a collection of beer bottle caps with resin poured over to create a laid-back but quirky look. The more variety of bottle caps you have, the better!

Elegant Marble

Add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your bar with this large marble bar top. This classy bar top finishing idea lets the simplicity of design shine through and looks best when paired with a clean and modern table design. The gold accents on white marble give a sense of calm and cohesion when surrounded by white chairs and gold accent pieces.

No matter what style you are going for or what budget you can afford, there is a way for you to take your bar design to the next level with one of these unique bar top finishing ideas. There is something for everyone, from affordable and rustic ideas for a bar where you want to create a laid-back atmosphere to elegant ideas for your fancy bar.

Let us know which one of these ideas stood out the most to you and why. Then go ahead and share this with your friends who might be looking for a unique design for their bar themselves!