5 Sublime Glass Bar Tops Ideas

If you own a bar and want to add something unique to your bar top, go through these glass bar tops ideas that we have curated just for you.

These ideas will give you a range of options to choose from if they pique your interest. Like you, we are also always looking for ways to spruce up parts of our home. We thought we’d share some of these images with you that we found to help you out.

Beach Vibes

Glass Bar Tops Ideas 1
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If you want to add a wonderful beach vibe to your bar, this beautiful glass top made from seashells, sand, and starfish is a great idea for you.

Surrounded by driftwood and pebbles, this bar top will be an immediate attraction for all your guests. It works even better with some natural light hitting it in all the right ways.

Water Blues

A raised glass bar top with the perfect, flowing water texture can add freshness to your bar that people will flock to. The bright and cool blue tone will also beautifully reflect on the surroundings, creating a magical effect around you.

This is an excellent way for you to induce the excitement that comes with pool parties or lounging by the pool.

Modern and Sleek

Glass Bar Tops Ideas 3
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We truly admire this modern, abstract-looking glass top. Perched on top of the table with supporting legs, this raised cast fusion counter with the texture of flowing cold water can make your kitchen or bar look cool and contemporary.

We think this makes the perfect setting to enjoy a fresh cocktail, with this glass top becoming a seamless extension of your table.

Cool and Clear

This image has a combination of two glass bar tops that we absolutely fell in love with. With a clear white onyx glass top set in a rectangular shape and another glass top near the counter with the texture of melting ice, you can create a cool and refreshing ambiance in your bar.

The reflected crisp blue light only adds to this effect.

Solid Wave

This glass top reminds us of a thick and frozen wave. The frosty texture of the glass top can add some elegance to your table by setting it apart as the bar section.

Tapering off from the edge of the table to the floor, this thick polished surface is perfect for sharing invigorating drinks and creating an ideal atmosphere.

We hope you enjoyed this refreshing collection of ideas for attractive glass bar tops that will be perfect for your evening.

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