5 Gorgeous Tile Bar Top Ideas

Are you wondering how you can add some design to spruce up your bar top but don’t quite know where to start? Well, tile bar tops make for wonderful additions to your bar and can add a nice texture to your bar table.

We looked for some ideas that would help us all out to make our bars more attractive. We have curated these into a list of five tile bar top ideas that we can now take a look at.

In for a Penny

This beautiful bar top is made entirely out of pennies stuck together to a wooden base. Creating an effect of tiles, this bar top adds great and solid texture to your bar table while also creating a perfect symmetry.

The sleek and dark wood offers a pleasing contrast when set against lighter chairs or bar stools.

The Classic Edge

Tile Bar Top Ideas 2
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Made with the classic tile shape with sharp lines, this tile bar top will definitely give an edge to your bar table. It provides a raw texture that adds to the atmosphere of your bar.

The varied shapes and shades of each of the tiles also serve to greatly enhance the appearance of the bar top.

Splashes of Color

Tile Bar Top Ideas 3
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This bar top is made by combining various tiles having different colors and designs on them. Perched on a wooden base and then layered with grout, this tile bar top is ideal for you if you enjoy pops of color and brightness in your bar.

They also serve as pleasant and unique textures that can definitely make your bar top stand out.

Antique and Simple

If you prefer more classic, antique, and rustic styles, then we think this terra cotta tile bar top might be perfect for you. Together, these tiles form a thick bar top and add a polished and rich texture to your bar table.

Set against a few splashes of color on the walls or chairs, this bar top creates a wonderful experience and ambiance.

Shapely Symmetry

Tile Bar Top Ideas 5
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Made with a combination of big smooth tiles and small mosaic squares, this bar top looks sleek, shiny, and glazed. This tile top perfectly complements the darker wooden base that it can be perched on and gives a nice symmetry to the table.

A warm atmosphere can further be created by adding warm lighting and similarly warm color tones around it.

We have now seen some gorgeous tile bar top ideas for your bar tables. We love the range of options in this list, each design being unique in its aesthetic. You can choose the one you like the best for your own bar.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of bar tops just as much as we did. If you would like to share your thoughts and experiences, feel free to leave behind a comment. You can also share these ideas for your friends and family to enjoy as well.