Why Does Alcohol Make You Sleepy

Why Does Alcohol Make You Sleepy?

Alcohol generally tends to make you feel sleepy almost immediately after you consume it. You can feel this even with mild tipsiness and even more if you drink large amounts of alcohol. Why does alcohol make you sleepy? There are several reasons behind this feeling that you can find out …

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Why Do Carbonated Drinks Get You Drunk Faster

Why Do Carbonated Drinks Get You Drunk Faster?

If you have ever experienced feeling giggly and inebriated after only a few glasses of bubbly champagne on a New Year’s Eve, then that is not simply a case of your body specifically not being able to handle a glass of bubbly. There actually is a reason why carbonated drinks …

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Alcohol Slurred Speech

Why Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Slurred Speech?

Have you noticed that drinking alcohol can lead to a host of changes in the body? On one hand, it can make you feel relaxed and more at ease while on the other it can also give you a high and make you dizzy. Some people experience some other effects …

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