The Best Cocktails That Don’t Taste Like Alcohol

The state of being inebriated with friends, whether at a wedding or a boozy brunch, can be an experience one will be talking about for many years after. It is a great way to let off some steam and have a gala time with your loved ones.

Oftentimes, however, while feeling slightly lightheaded and buzzed on alcohol may be a great feeling, the taste of alcohol itself may be a little harder to digest.

So if you like drinking with friends and loved ones, but do not like how alcohol tastes, the following are the best cocktails that don’t taste like alcohol.


Screwdriver is a classic cocktail that you have certainly seen on television shows and other media. This is a delicious blend of vodka and orange juice that can be put together in just a few minutes and you will not even be able to taste the alcohol!

The drink is so called because when the recipe was first developed, the choice of tool used to stir it in the absence of a spoon, was a handy screwdriver!

The history goes that the drink was made by American oil workers in the Persian Gulf, around the mid to late 20th century. Tired from long and difficult work hours, the men decided to sneak some vodka into their orange juice to blow off some steam. A screwdriver was the closest available tool as that is what they had at hand!

Anyway, now you do not need to taste the grease or brake oil residue from the screwdriver in the drink, nor do you need to taste the alcohol!

Mai Tai

Mai Tai is another classic cocktail that will never let on the alcohol used in it, provided you get the proportions right. This is an extremely refreshing drink that you can enjoy on a hot summer afternoon.

It combines several delicious fruity flavors, so it becomes very easy to obscure the taste of the alcohol. However, even the alcohol used in this cocktail is two delicious varieties of rum—spiced rum and coconut-flavored rum.

Even if you get a hint of these flavors, it won’t be the same as getting the actual taste of hard liquor. The drink is also extremely easy to put together—pineapple juice, grenadine syrup and orange juice combined with spiced rum and coconut-flavored rum. Don’t forget to add some ice cubes for a refreshing and chilled drink!


Spritzers are one of the most refreshing and brightening drinks that one can enjoy at a brunch, lunch or even a summer evening gala! The drink is extremely easy to put together.

It is likely that you already have all the ingredients in your pantry or bar. This is also a delicious drink in which the main alcoholic element is also tasty by itself—aromatic white wine.

But even if you don’t like the taste of white wine, all you need to do is mix it with some club soda and throw in a slice of orange or lemon twist.

It is an absolutely delightful and fun cocktail that you can enjoy without once cringing at the strong flavor of the wine. The club soda will take the edge of the fermented taste of the wine, giving you a bright and refreshing drink.


Caipirinha is an exotic name for a cocktail, but it is not a very difficult drink to put together if you have the basic ingredients. You will need Cachaça, which is actually the national drink of Brazil!

This is a distilled spirit made with fermented sugarcane that is delicious to taste by itself. One may think it will be difficult to acquire, but this is a spirit that is quite popular even in the United States, so you should be able to get your hands on a bottle with relative ease.

Now, for the Caipirinha, you will need Cachaça, lime, simple syrup or sugar and lots of ice cubes. If you want to take it a step further, you can even make ice cubes out of lime juice so the drink will get a tang!

This is an extremely refreshing and tasty drink that you can enjoy on summer nights, especially when it is slightly warm and you want to cool down with a delicious cocktail that tastes nothing like alcohol.


A margarita is one of the most well-known cocktails in the world. There is a reason why this drink is so popular, and it is not only because you may have seen it frequently on movies and television shows.

The drink is this popular because of how absolutely delicious and lip-smacking it is! It uses tequila, but you will barely be able to taste the liquor except for the kick it provides in the drink.

You will need tequila, triple sec liqueur, lime juice and lime wedge to fix on the rim of the glass. It is also important to salt the rim when you serve the cocktail as the salt is what will bring out the flavors of the individual elements in the drink even more.

An extremely refreshing drink that you can take several helpings of without once being able to detect the taste of alcohol!


It might seem like the most basic and uninteresting idea, but there is a lot of fun one can have with a Mojito! It is a tried and tested cocktail that may seem very common because of its “virgin” version being served at every complimentary hotel breakfast, but the cocktail certainly has its merits!

You can make it with white rum or vodka, giving the alcohol a good mix with lime wedges, mint leaves, caster sugar and lots of soda!

Final Thoughts

A cocktail that tastes nothing like alcohol is a drink that has been made well. The idea of a cocktail is that you get to enjoy something delicious and great looking.

Scotch on the rocks is great in its own place, but if you can shake or stir a good cocktail, why miss out on the fun?