Best Sugar-free Cocktails

Sugar, no matter how tempting, is harmful for the body. This is a fact that we are increasingly being told. From fitness enthusiasts to health practitioners, there are tons of professionals out there who advice against consuming all forms of sugar in order to ensure health and wellbeing.

Cocktails are also high on sugar. In fact, most cocktails have loads of sugar in several forms. The fact that cocktails are indispensable to parties and gatherings make it a tricky situation to be in.

So what can be done to ensure that we don’t compromise on the good times while also keeping healthy and fit?

Here are a few sugar-free cocktails that one can try:

1.  Moscow Mule

This is an amazing cocktail. What makes it great is that when you drink it, you don’t have to go on an unnecessary sugar rush. The sugar is easily replaceable.

You need to mix diet ginger ale with sugar-free ginger syrup instead of the sugar that the cocktail usually uses, with vodka. You will be surprised to see the taste remain intact. The drink will taste just as spicy and sweet!

Sometimes, people also like to add some whiskey to this drink for an enhanced flavor. If you do that you would be inadvertently consuming some sugar because whiskey contains sugar.

2. Cosmopolitan

This is one of the most popular cocktails out there. Several television shows have also mentioned this drink too many times for it to acquire some kind of a cult status over the years.

However, much like any other cocktail, this is a drink that is high in sugar with all the ingredients it is composed of. How do you turn the evergreen cosmopolitan into a sugar-free delectable cocktail?

Generally, the ingredients in a cosmopolitan include vodka, Cointreau, sugar syrup, cranberry juice and lime juice.

For a sugar-free version, you need to find sugar-free cranberry juice. For one glass of cosmopolitan, you need to take 2 oz of vodka, ½ teaspoon of orange extract, ⅓ cup of cranberry juice that is sugar-free and a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice.

Shake the ingredients together and add sugar to it and you are good to go! This is such a popular way to make Cosmopolitan that even people on a diet can have it. Do try it and share it with friends and family!

3. Cranberry Mojito

This is quite a popular cocktail and has many fans because of its tarty and sparkly flavor. It is simple to make and is delicious. The best part is that you can really make a sugar-free version of this drink for those who swear against sugar.

There are a ton of substitutes that you can go with while making a cranberry mojito. These include cranberry juice or regular tonic water.

To make sugar-free cranberry mojito, take a few lime wedges and mint in a glass. Muddle them together and rum or vodka and top it up with cranberry juice. Fill the glass with ice and add some tonic water to finish it all. Give a nice stir and garnish with a few mint leaves and a slice of lemon.

4. Strawberry Smash Cocktail

This is a refreshing drink that gets made in minutes. The best part is that everyone who you serve it to will love it. Furthermore, you can easily make a sugar-free variant of this cocktail for the health enthusiasts around you.

In a glass, take some fresh strawberries and mint. Add sweetener i.e. liquid stevia to the glass. Muddle the fruit well so that the strawberries release some juice into the glass. At the same time, ensure that you don’t crush the mint leaves too much.

Once the strawberry has released its juice, you can even take the mint leaves out because by then the strawberries must have absorbed the mint flavor.

Now add the remaining ingredients to the drink i.e. vodka, ice and sparkling water. Stir the ingredients together and you are good to go!

5. Skinny Paloma

Another great cocktail that is quite a party favorite is the Skinny Paloma that has grapefruit as its key ingredient. It is also made up of a few ingredients that come together to create magic. Ideally, a Skinny Paloma will contain lime juice, tequila and grapefruit juice.

For a sugar-free variant, you need to go for sugar-free grapefruit juice. Besides, even fresh grapefruit juice does not contain sugar. It is naturally sweet that adds to the taste of the drink. However, you don’t have to add any sweetener to the drink because grapefruit takes care of it quite well.

To stir up this drink, you need to take grapefruit juice, tequila and lime juice together in a glass and give them a good stir. You may even experiment with the quantities as per your taste or stick to tequila and lime juice in the proportion of 1:1 with a bit more grapefruit.

You can top it off with some sparkling water for the bubbles but it is optional. For the final presentation before serving, add some Himalayan pink sea salt on the rim of the glass. This will be a great drink to enjoy with friends and loved ones.

6. Bloody Mary

For making sugar-free Bloody Mary, you need to go with a sugar-free sweetener in addition to vodka, tomato juice and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Take all these ingredients into a shaker and mix well.

Pour them into a glass and add salt and pepper to the concoction and enjoy it with those you love. Sometimes, people add Worcestershire sauce to their Bloody Mary, but bear in mind it has some added sugar.

The Final Word

Going sugar-free is not an easy choice but it is a very healthy choice. Sugar has no utility for the body and causes a host of issues. Besides, you can whip up great cocktails without added sugar and still enjoy and have fun. We hope you like the ideas above for some great sugar-free cocktails and will try them out soon!