8 Fun Kitchen Bar Ideas

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home, and for good reason. It’s where all the best things happen – where we practice the culinary arts to conjure creations that supply sublime sustenance for our most loved friends and family; and – let’s face it – everyone always ends up in the kitchen at parties.

If you’re the one preparing the provisions, however, you tend to find yourself alone for the majority of your dinner party, away from your guests and stuck behind the broiler. A kitchen bar, therefore, becomes a cool conduit between the cooking and the conversation – a comfortable place for sitting, and a great place to enjoy a live cookery show.

We’ve searched the net for the best kitchen bar ideas, and we’ve discovered a selection of superb bars that are bound to have you salivating in envy.

Kitchen Bar Idea
via rockmystyle.co.uk

This modest space is a glorious amalgamation of polished concrete, industrial brick tiling, Moorish motif, and sophisticated fittings; combining to create a classy kitchen with some real kudos. There are many industrial touches here, such as the metal electrical sockets, fed by tubular trunking that introduces the aesthetic of the municipal building; sitting in a pool of unison with the fascination of texture that is polished concrete, extending from the floor and into the build of the breakfast bar. The wooden stools introduce the muted tones of nature into this celebration of human-made materials, blending surprisingly with the sandy hue of prepared concrete. But surely the crowning glory of this spectacular kitchen are those stunning, patterned tiles. Spanish kitchens are frequently adorned with this Moorish styling, contributing an exotic AfricoMeditterean feel to their homes. The white brick-tiling is functional and clean, plunging this space into the lighter end of the spectrum, punctuated energetically with the sunshine yellow of the shelving, the kettle, and the teapot. The beautiful, over-sized lampshades bring a wonderful finishing touch to this homely, industrialist space, designed for socializing, eating, and celebrating. Stylish.

Kitchen Bar Idea
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In a large open-plan living space such as this, areas that lack demarcation can easily be lost within the intimidating expanse of concrete and architectural feature. However, this box kitchen successfully creates coziness in an uncozy chasm. This little theatre of culinary delights is dwarfed by the fascinating angularity of beams across the ceiling, making this closed-in envelope of comfort a welcome addition in an overbearing building. The breakfast bar successfully swallows the diner into the small kitchen, decked out gracefully in cozy tones of burnt orange and brown. The triangular, pendant lights are perfectly positioned between the three-seater bar, so that no-one will be blinded by the light while sitting here. Welcoming, cozy, and brimming over with style, this fantastic kitchen is a triumph of containment. Impressive.

Kitchen Bar Idea
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This kitchen bar area provides a perfect conduit between kitchen and living space, in this sophisticated open-plan room, adorned in dark tones, adding grandeur and solidity. The slate grey of the kitchen furniture sits balanced amongst grades of white – too much dark would bring the energy down, here – but this decadently darkened hue brings contrast and distinction between lounge and kitchen. The gloss of the floor tiling adds additional textural interest. The retro stools are splendid additions, introducing an unexpected tonal surprise in the burnt-orange tone of the wooden legs; matched by a similar hue in the feet of the armchair. The bubble lampshades add delicacy and sassiness to a room dominated by masculine tones. The white, brick-tiling reaffirms a lightness of touch, balanced with the plush, comforting soft materials of the stool seating, the armchair and the delicacy of glass in the light shades. Marvelous.

Kitchen Bar Idea
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This example extends the kitchen bar concept to its natural end – a drinks bar – but what an amazing addition to a stylish home? The inclusion of the wine chiller and the wine rack posit no illusions that you’ve entered the party zone of the home. A plethora of drinking glasses, proudly on show, clearly equips this party palace for any conceivable beverage; while the retro Martini signage suggests that this is the kitchen bar of one who is not averse to the odd cocktail or two. The dark wood of the display cabinet matches the chocolate brown of the exposed, restored floorboards and the stately black of the internal doors. This little corner of earthly pursuits may induce self-imposed house-arrest – who wants to queue at a bar for expensive drinks that aren’t as good as those you could conjure and invent in the comfort of your own home? Fantastic.

Kitchen Bar Idea

This isn’t a kitchen bar, as such, but it’s a wonderful demonstration of lighting and bling, in a context that introduces some sophistication, rather than a splurge of tacky glitter and forced decadence. The golden penny mosaic tiling complements the funky, exposed brickwork, adding a contrast of texture from decadent to rustic into this stylish kitchen. The floating shelves appear to hover; an effect made possible by the LED lighting, subtly angled towards the shiny tiling to spread a golden hue. This lighting has the striking, accenting focus of film noir – a focused pool of light, floating within a surrounding ambient warmth that presents the impression that these wooden shelves are spotlit. The marble work surface is sturdy and reliable, while the beauty of the wood is allowed to glow under the cool, golden light. Not far short of utterly spectacular.

Kitchen Bar Idea
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Who said that the kitchen bar had to be inside? And if you have the weather for it, this external bar area is utterly charming, and a real winner. The brilliance of this idea lies firmly within its simplicity – this is just a wooden ledge attached to the outside of the kitchen window, with a pneumatic window-lifter to add some security to the sheet of glass suspended over unsuspecting diners. The window is hinged at the top, and the entire pane elevates to reveal the open kitchen, just behind the sink unit. For summer lunches by the swimming pool or for drinks in the evening, this fantastic simple outdoor bar idea is one that’s inexpensive to implement, but a priceless addition to outdoor living. Inspired.

Kitchen Bar Idea
via futuristarchitecture.com

This breakfast bar appears to defy gravity with a cantilevered worktop that hovers in mid-air. It’s a stylish design feature that prevents the breakfast bar from dominating the footprint of the kitchen. The open-ended work-top offers a natural, energetic flow through from the bar zone to the kitchen-proper. The laminate wood of the bar top and the single, supporting beam presents a stunning contrast to the high-gloss of the kitchen, introducing elemental woods into the stone and waters of the lustrous shine of the work surfaces. The lampshade trio that sit above the breakfast bar ensures good lighting for work, rest, and play. Stunning.

Kitchen Bar Idea
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This reclaimed wooden counter-top is beautiful and lovingly restored. Its imperfect edges add character and worldly fascination of rustic appeal into this modern space. The overhang of the counter makes these rustic planks perfect for kitchen entertaining and eating, while the well-equipped kitchen is primed for socializing, with the cooker hob facing the bar area. This open-plan living space is a lovely spacious room; fairly modern in design and layout, so this rustic addition is all the more striking, matching the unfinished floorboards. Striking.

We love how these kitchen bar ideas add so much more to the home than just aesthetic beauty. A kitchen bar introduces social energy to the kitchen, inviting others in, rather than locking them out. And, as ever, what a stunning array of materials! What do you think? Share this article with your friends on social media and get the conversation started!