5 Charming Dry Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

When there isn’t much space in your house or office but you would like a little bar anyway, you need to get crafty. Luckily, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. We put together a few dry bar ideas for small spaces – take a look.

Made from Oil Barrels

This is a handmade dry bar that has been made from reclaimed oil barrels. Thanks to overproductions, the inside of these things never saw a liquid before. So, if that is a concern, you can toss it aside.

If you order them from Etsy, shipping is quite simple but might take a while. So, check out how long it takes for the dry bar to actually get to you.

Other than that, there is pretty much nothing to worry about. You can get it in a customized color which makes it a tad bit more expensive.

Wall-Mounted Rack with a Display Holder

This one is an interesting choice. It is a wall-mounted rack that can fit six champagne bottles and has a display holder too. You will find it on eBay, but it is brand new and unopened.

You can place two bottles or glasses in the display holder, and there is a little shelf on the top that can be used for decorative items or more glasses. The rack can take a little bit of weight which is always good news.

Like a Telephone Booth

This one is for those who love the design of old English telephone booths. Yes, it’s a vintage design with a modern touch. You can set up an entire drinks cabinet here without worrying about it taking up too much space. It comes in a stone grey color for those of you who want a neutral color that does not dominate the landscape around it. You can find it on eBay too.

Wall-Mounted Shelf

This is another wall-mounted shelf which can fit some bottles and glasses too. It is not a whole cabinet, but this will do just fine if you are a hobbyist. There are four shelves that are made of solid redwood pine, and it has a charming appeal.

Open Season

Our final choice is a vintage-looking bamboo side table, which opens up into a charming dry bar. A couple of shelves and a drawer provide all the storage you could need for a dry bar, and the whole thing sits on casters which allow the table to be moved effortlessly.

A dry bar can be a bit tricky if you don’t have much space at your disposal. Hopefully, we have helped you with some options and maybe even inspired some ideas. If you like what you saw, leave us a little thumbs up in the comments section and maybe share it with your friends too?