5 Awesome Man Cave Mini-Bar Ideas

There are tons of ways to decorate your man cave. And when it comes to alcohol, there are so many ideas for a drinks cabinet. Here are five man-cave mini-bar ideas that you might enjoy. Take a look.

Fire Extinguisher Alcohol Case

Man Cave Mini Bar Ideas 1
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This is the result of the creativity of a Danish fuel company. What you’re looking at are mini-bars that were recreated from old fuel cans from the World War II era. And it’s not just a decorative item – they are durable and portable too.

The inside of the cans are lined with glass and sometimes walnut or wood, and the shelves are laminated. This is a great portable mini-bar that can be with just the right number of shelves.

Jerry Can Mini-Bar and Drinks Cabinet

Man Cave Mini Bar Ideas 2
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Here’s our second choice. It’s a bit unconventional, like the first choice, but it’s pretty cool. It is a handmade product that looks like a 10-liter jerry can. Whether you are looking to spruce up your own man cave or gift a friend, this is a great choice.

It is catchy, and you can use it to hide your booze from anyone who is trying to police you into letting it go. Not just that, these are well-made products, so you don’t have to worry about damage while you leave it unattended.

Mini-Bar Made of Old Pallets

Man Cave Mini Bar Ideas 3
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Our third recommendation is a cool one. If you are a DIY enthusiast with some old pallets in the house, you will absolutely love this. This is a creative way to use wooden pallets instead of giving them up for recycling.

Why not use them to make a folding bar in your house instead? This is a little project that can be done just by figuring out shape and design. The shaded color is perfect for a gritty look, and you can give it colorful hues of your choice.

Dry Bar Made from Oil Barrel

Man Cave Mini Bar Ideas 4
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Then there are the classics. This one is made from an old oil barrel from 2004. These huge barrels are cut with a tin opener, and the door is stabilized with guitar strings. Then it is closed with two magnets so that it fits snugly.

The manufacturers have improved upon that technique and made many customizations in the last 15 years, and now here we are.

Jerry Can Mini-Bar

Man Cave Mini Bar Ideas 5
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And finally, here is another Jerry can mini-bar idea. This is also a small clandestine piece for those of you who are trying to be stealthy with your liquor consumption. It is made such that you can fit two bottles and about four tall glasses inside the can.

It opens in the front, and there’s a handle on top so that you can easily carry it from one place to another.

Whether you want it for portability or for secrecy, there are lots of stylish options out there. If you like our choices, give us a cheer with a like and share. If you have more ideas, please do leave your comments down below.