5 Space-Saving Under Bar Storage Ideas

Want to have a bar but worried about how you will make space for it? Or perhaps you already have one and are now not being able to store all your stock. Worry not, because, with a little bit of creativity, you can make sure different parts of your bar double up storage spaces.

We’ve put together a list of five great space-saving under bar storage ideas for you to revamp your bar.

Cherry Cabinet

Under Bar Storage Ideas 1
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This cherry wood cabinet has a simple but efficient design and packs in tons of space. The cabinet opens to liquor drawers that add space for you to store all your bottles and provide easy reach to all your stocks. The smaller shelves on top for individual bottles are an excellent contrast to the big shelves on the side for keeping all your glasses.

Pull Out Drawer

Under Bar Storage Ideas 2
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Add this under any table and you’ll have tons of easily accessible storage for all your miscellaneous bottles and glasses. This pull-out drawer in all white provides a clean exterior no matter what the interior. It provides space in such a way that you don’t need to spend too much time organizing your stocks.

Double Pull-Out Shelves

Under Bar Storage Ideas 3
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The great thing about these double pull-out shelves is that you don’t need to look around in the dark corners of your cabinet to find the bottle you are looking for. It is a simple design, and all you need to do is pull it out from under your counter and pick out the liquor you want to serve!

Glass Door Shelf

The tall pull-out drawers in vintage wood designs are perfectly contrasted in this idea with the glass door shelf. Use this idea to store the most prized bottles from your liquor collection. This glass door shelf cabinet will make sure that even your storage shines as a decor piece!

Open Burnt Oak Shelves

This elegant and straightforward under bar storage idea has beautiful burnt oak shelves that you can pull out. The outside of the drawer system is left open to add exciting and eye-catching detail to a basic design. This idea is perfect for adding some sophistication and organization to your bar.

Those were our five ideas for under bar storage, with which you can find ways to add space under nearly any bar. Storage doesn’t need to be dull or clunky and can add a touch of visual appeal that ties in with the rest of the design in your bar.

Let us know if you plan to use any of these storage ideas in your bar and why you liked it. Then go ahead and share it with your friends who are looking to renovate their bars as well!