5 Neat Bar Glass Storage Ideas

There are so many different options in the market whether you want to decorate a large space or a small one. Here’s a look at five bar glass storage ideas.

Rustic Bar Wine Rack

Our first choice is a rustic bottle and glass rack which is handmade using reclaimed wood. It is a visually appealing shelf that also saves space no matter where you put it because it is wall mounted.

You can store one bottle and two glasses here. Nothing ostentatious. It looks charming and adds warmth to the space it is in. If you are going to get more than one of these, remember that the texture varies from piece to piece because of the timber’s grain and pattern. You will also find some splits, dents, and scratches, which only add to the character.

Hahn Pisa Wine Glass Rack

Our second choice is for wine connoisseurs. There’s not much to say about this piece of furniture because the picture is worth a thousand words. This Hahn glass rack can hold five stemmed wine glasses.

It is a stylish choice that does not compromise on practicality, which is a great combination. You can free up some space in your cupboard since this is also a wall-mounted rack.

Jalynn Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Our third recommendation is also a wall-mounted option which will save you a lot of space in the bar.

Once again, wine enthusiasts can rejoice as this Jalynn wine glass rack comes to your rescue The design of the piece is minimalist with a dash of modern styling. And on the side, you will find a holder made of pure copper.

Waleska 7-Bottle Wine Bottle & Glass Rack

Then there is this Waleska rack which can hold seven wine bottles and a few glasses. It is a clever design with a wine rack at the bottom, as you can see. The glasses hang from the bottom of the table from their stems.

The tabletop is quite wide and has some storage space of its own which can be used for candle lighters or mixology items. This glass rack is an eye-catching visual made of a mix of metal and wood.

Home Bar Made of Reclaimed Wood

And finally, this is a bar that is handmade from reclaimed wood. It has two gin racks with five glass holders for your convenience, which can hold large gin glasses. There are two bottle shelves and an optics plaque. It also has a separate shelf for other spirits. You can ask for a change in the size of these elements by sending a message to the manufacturer.

There is so much you can do with a bar, and these are just a few ideas. If you like them, let us know how you would decorate them. If you’re happy with these ideas, maybe you want to give us a share and shout out on social media. Happy shopping.