5 Amazing Glass Block Bar Ideas

Glass block bars, no matter the size and thickness, are a vibe on their own. You add this piece of furniture, and the look of the whole room changes. But you must pick the right kind of block for the room it will be in. Here are some glass block bar ideas to get you started.

A Little Throwback

Glass Block Bar Ideas 1
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If you like your bar to make a little statement, you will appreciate this neon-lit glass block wall. It’s typically categorized as a retro look for a recreation room from the 50s and 60s, but that is just one point of view. If you would like to be reminded of the drive-ins from back in the day, this is a pretty good option. And you can make it yourself too.

If You Like a Good Grid

Speaking of bar bases that you can build yourself, here’s another one. This is a cool and rather unique block bar that will be a perfect fit in a basement, business space, or recreation room. It is a block of glass which makes lighting it quite an exciting project. It fits in very well with contemporary design and is made of durable materials too.

A Lighter Grid

Glass Block Bar Ideas 3
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And if the previous option looked a little chunky, and gave you the reflex to lose those extra pounds, here’s another glass block bar option.

It has a simple countertop made of wood, and if you get the pieces, you can put them together with no effort. There’s lots of space for bottles and glasses in the grid, and it doesn’t take up as much space as its chunky counterpart.

Experimenting With Shapes

If space is not an issue, you might want to check this one out. It has a rich design and a few decorative elements to make it pop. Now, you can change the colors as per your room’s palette and make it more, well, palatable. It has a granite countertop which is sturdy and easy to maintain. You can either add lights to the block or leave them as they are and still enjoy the way it looks.

Add Some Wet Bar Lighting

Glass Block Bar Ideas 5
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It works even for dry bars, but it fits in best with a wet bar vibe. That is because of the pattern on the glass block and so you must also consider lighting it accordingly. You can do without the lighting, but it definitely looks better with a little effort on your part. Like the others, it also has a granite countertop, which is easy to maintain.

The above options are just an introduction to the many varieties available in the market. If you have ideas on how to light these glass block bars or what you can add to stylize the setup, let us know in the comments section. Of course, we would also appreciate a share on social media.