5 Cheap Bar Ideas for Basements

Have a lot of spare space in your basement that you don’t know what to do with? Basements are often left to become dusty and neglected storage spaces. With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your basement into the perfect space to unwind and hang out with a drink at the end of the day.

We’ve scoured the depths of Pinterest to find you the best five cheap bar ideas for your basement!

Country Home Bar

This whitewashed counter is at once simple and striking. Contrasted with the dark brown wooden shelves at the back, this basement bar will feel like you walked into a homely country bar. This idea will take up very little space and would require minimal renovations.

Elegant Wood

Bar Ideas for Basements 2
via Pinterest

This basement bar is understated but extremely clean and elegant. The white accent wall and counters go perfectly with the polished wooden table tops. The shelves are kept free from clutter to add to the simplicity of the design, and the black stools add the perfect accent to the whole bar.

Bar Next Door

This basement bar is relaxed and quirky with its bright but straightforward design. Making use of the sunlight, little details such as the orange flowers and the framed chalkboard sign make this bar a laid back and inviting space for people to get together. Everything else is kept simple, with the white shelves and dark wood floors making sure the bar is not too cluttered and the details stand out!

Posh Pub

This idea will make sure you have a sophisticated and luxurious bar right there in your basement. The dark wooden shelves with the lights installed inside will highlight your bottles and glasses and make them shine. In the front, the stonework on the counter and the marble tops elevate the whole space and the hanging lights add the perfect fancy touch!

Faux Stone Counter

If you can’t renovate your entire basement, worry not because a simple renovation on an existing table can create a bar corner in your basement. With a little bit of handiwork, convert a dull corner into a faux stone counter with a polished wooden top. Set a few chairs or bar stools around it and you will have your perfect little bar!

Those were our five picks for cheap bar ideas for your basement. You don’t need to pinch your pocket to create a space for yourself – a few thoughtful touches here and there will make your basement bar come together in no time!

If you liked any of the ideas, do tell us which one and why. Then go ahead and share it with your friends, and soon you will be spoiled for choices when it comes to a basement bar you can go and unwind in!