5 Brilliant Under Stair Bar Ideas

Optimum space utilization is a trick not many can claim to master. If done right, it can make a ton of difference to the overall aesthetic appeal of a space.

The space under the stairs is more often than most criminally mismanaged. There are many ways in which you can make it more attractive, an under stair bar being one.

Here are a few under stair bar ideas which will instantly amp up your space.

Luxe Under Stair Bar Will Make Your Home Dreamy

Under Stair Bar Ideas 1
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You would have seen luxury bars under stairs in Hollywood films making you think it is out of reach. The wasted space can be used to pop in a few drinks, a smart multi-purpose table, and a couple of stools on the outside.

Trust us, happy spaces don’t have to be grand to be dreamy.

Built-in Bar for Optimum Space Management

If you are one of those people who enjoy simple things in life, you probably won’t like the idea of bigging up your under stairs.

However, you can still use that space to create a bar cabinet for your happy time. Place your cocktail glasses and liquor here.

Make sure to match the decor with the rest of your home to give it consistency.

Set Up a Minimalist Open Bar

If you have a steep staircase, you can make an excellent bar underneath.

You don’t necessarily have to add stools to make it conventional. However, think of it as an aesthetic space. Add shelves to the wall and place your glasses on them. You can even keep a plant or two in bottles to add to the appeal.

Add some quirky designer lights and you will be left with a cozy corner you will be proud of.

Creative Shelf Cum Cabinet Adds a Distinct Edge

Another great way to amp up your boring under stair area is to add a uniquely designed shelf cum cabinet.

You can use the shelf to display your wine collection, and the more regular bottles can go into the cabinet. The cabinet can also be used to store other bar essentials which do not make it to the shelf.

Go rustic or wooden to give it a unique appearance.

Cozy Corner of Your Own

If the space under your stairs is not enormous, you may still be able to have a brilliant under stair bar.

All you need to do is add a cabinet with a unique tabletop and add a couple of complementing stools. Experiment with colors to make this small area compelling.

Add a couple of canisters or plants around to make it stand out.

If these ideas excite you, get to the task of revamping your under stair area now. Not only will it look great, but it’ll also make storage easier.